Severe Ohio Weather Leads To Auto Accidents and Severe Winter Weather Classifications

Ohio is in a wintery mess making way for to many Ohio auto accidents across the state in areas like Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Icy-Ohio-Roads-Auto-Accidents-yourlegalhelpOhio started 2014 off with a bang with below-freezing temperatures, icy roads, and blizzard-like conditions. On January 5th 2014, Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, and many other cities across the state faced some of the worst road conditions seen in years bringing many motorists stranded or involved in one of the many Ohio auto accidents.

The Committee for Severe Ohio Weather Awareness issued a Level III emergency classification for snow and ice closing all roads to all Ohio residents. For several days, Ohio drivers were asked to stay home or face arrest. The severe Ohio weather brought storms that were some of the worst in years, and roads were closed to keep Ohio residents safe.

Severe Ohio Winter Weather Classifications

The Committee for Severe Ohio Weather Awareness was founded to help keep Ohio drivers safe during times of dangerous weather. The association has three levels for assessing the driving conditions during winter weather.

  • At level 1, roads are icy and snow is blowing across the road. Drivers are advised to drive cautiously.
  • At level 2, roads are icy, visibility is poor, and snow is piling up on roadways. Extreme caution is advised, and drivers are advised to stay off the roads if possible. Office and school closures are common during level 2.
  • At level 3, all Ohio roads are closed to all but emergency personnel and drivers with medical emergencies. Drivers out on the roads during these conditions are subject to arrest. Most businesses and schools are shut down.

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Driving Safety During Winter Weather

Driving during winter weather is permissible at all levels except level 3. However, this does not mean that roadways are safe or danger-free. It is important for all drivers to take care when driving on icy, snowy roads. The following tips will help keep you safe during fierce Ohio winters and prevent dangerous accidents:

Prepare your car for winter accidents. Bring extra clothing, a fully-charged phone, emergency flares, a small shovel, ice scraper, and keep your gas tank full.

If your car is stranded, stay inside and keep warm. Keep the car’s exhaust pipe free of snow and do not run the engine more than 10 minutes per hour.

If you are involved in an accident, follow the same rules for any other road accident. Check for injuries, turn on hazard lights, take notes, and wait for help to arrive. Have someone take pictures of the accident and contact an Ohio auto accident attorney at Wright & Schulte LLC at 937-222-7477 who will take care of all details while you recuperate.

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