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Medicaid-Planning-Attorney-LawyerPlacing a spouse or parent in a nursing home or other long-term care facility is always a daunting prospect. With long-term care becoming more and more expensive in Ohio, you will probably need to turn to Medicaid in order pay for their care. However, proper planning is extremely important if you want to protect your family’s assets in a way that won’t put your loved one’s Medicaid eligibility in jeopardy. For most families, the assistance of an experienced Ohio Medicaid planning attorney can be invaluable when they are trying to qualify a family member for Medicaid.

At Wright Schulte LLC, our Medicaid planning attorneys possess extensive knowledge of Ohio and federal Medicaid regulations. They can help you take steps to ensure your loved one receives the long-term care they need, and at the same time make sure you are doing everything the right way to protect your assets in the process. Every one of our Ohio Medicaid planning attorneys are committed to providing each of our clients with prompt, personal attention, and will make sure you are thoroughly informed of your options. If you’re looking for an Ohio law firm to assist you with Medicaid planning, we urge you to contact Wright Schulte LLC for a free, no obligation legal evaluation today.

Ohio Medicaid Planning Issues

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides payment for medical care for individuals unable to afford it. Among other things, Medicaid pays for long-term nursing home care for those who are eligible. While Medicaid eligibility standards are the same throughout the country, the program is administered independently by each state. In Ohio, qualifying for Medicaid is complex, and it’s easy to make a mistake that will result in a denial. However, proper advanced planning can reduce the likelihood that your loved one’s application will be denied, or even delayed.

Wright Schulte offers a full range of Medicaid planning services, including assistance with:

  • Asset Protection Planning: Ohio Medicaid strictly limits the assets an individual can hold in order to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. However, there are planning options available to maximize the amount of assets or income that remains available to a beneficiary’s spouse. Among other things, our Medicaid planning attorneys can assist with development of plans to transfer, gift and organize assets in a way that will allow for Medicaid qualification.
  • Medicaid Application Filing: Changes to the Medicaid law in 2006 has made filing for benefits more complex. The assistance of a Medicaid attorney, while not required, can help avoid unnecessary delays or denials.
  • Appeals: Medicaid denials can be appealed at an administrative hearing. Our Medicaid attorneys can review your denial and determine if an error has been made. If the denial was an error, they will represent you through the appeals process.
  • Medicaid Estate Recovery: Medicaid allows a state to collect the cost of a beneficiary’s medical care from their estate should they die. In recent years, Ohio has become more aggressive in trying to recover Medicaid dollars through this program. Our Medicaid attorneys are available to assist estate executors faced with these claims.

At Wright Schulte, our Medicaid planning attorneys understand your family’s situation is unique. They will take the time to understand your loved one’s long-term needs and provide an individualized solution. With the help of our Medicaid planning lawyers, you can make sure your loved one receives the quality long-term care they deserve, and legally protect your family’s assets at the same time.

Ohio Medicaid Planning Consultations

If you’re looking for an Ohio Medicaid planning law firm that will guarantee the experienced, personalized and loyal representation you deserve, please do not hesitate to contact Wright Schulte LLC today. For a free Medicaid planning evaluation, simply fill out the online form on the right, or give Wright Schulte LLC a call, toll-free, at 1-800- 365-2602.