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Juvenile-Law-Attorney-LawyerFew situations are more wrenching for parents than when their child has been accused of committing a crime. A juvenile charge can impact a child’s life far into adulthood, especially in Ohio. Juvenile crime statistics from Ohio compiled by the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) indicate that the youth detainment rate in Ohio is higher than most states. According to the report, the majority of youth in Ohio’s juvenile detention centers are placed there for non-violent offenses or non-technical violations. In many cases, these young detainees pose no risk to community safety. Children who have been incarcerated are more likely to drop out of high school, use drugs and alcohol, suffer from unemployment and commit future crimes. Because the stakes are so high, youth in Ohio facing delinquency or criminal charges must have an experienced Ohio juvenile defense lawyer on their side, to ensure that their rights are protected and the justice system treats them fairly.

At Wright Schulte LLC, our Ohio juvenile defense lawyers are experienced with a diverse range of cases, from simple truancy charges to more serious drug and violent crime offenses. No matter the nature of you’re your child’s case, the Ohio juvenile defense lawyers at Wright Schulte will provide them with a strong defense. To learn more about all of the ways our firm can help, we urge you to contact Wright Schulte LLC for a free, no obligation criminal defense evaluation today.

Ohio Juvenile Law

In Ohio and most other states, juvenile law is vastly different than what adults encounter when accused of criminal offenses. For instance, the Juvenile Court systems understand that a child may benefit more from rehabilitation and as such, intervention is always a first option. However, it is important to work with an experienced juvenile defense lawyer to ensure that the system works in your child’s best interest. According to the CDF report, many of the Ohio juveniles placed in detention never had access to legal counsel. Those youth appointed legal counsel often times received inadequate representation, as attorneys weren’t assigned far enough in advance to properly prepare for pre-trial hearings.

The juvenile defense attorneys at Wright Schulte LLC represent Ohio youth in all manner of juvenile justice cases, including:

  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Drunk Driving
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Vandalism

If your child is charged with a criminal offense and he/she is under the age of 18, then you should immediately contact an Ohio juvenile defense attorney to ensure their rights are protected. Our legal team can help you understand the nature of the charges, the maximum penalties and possible resolution. The Ohio juvenile defense lawyers at Wright Schulte LLP will take immediate action to get your child out of detention. We can also take steps to avoid their expulsion from school. You can rest assured that every member of our legal staff understands what you and your child are going through and will be there at every step of the process.

Ohio Juvenile Defense Evaluations

If your child stands accused of a juvenile crime in Ohio, it is vital you retain skilled and aggressive legal counsel at once. If you’re looking for an Ohio juvenile defense law firm that will guarantee the caring, personalized and loyal representation your child deserves, please do not hesitate to contact Wright Schulte LLC today. For a juvenile defense evaluation, simply fill out the online form on the right, or give Wright Schulte LLC a call, at (937)-435-9999.