Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC File Negligence Lawsuit on Behalf of Six Ohio Plaintiffs Allegedly Injured by Driver Who Drove Through Restaurant Wall

The experienced Ohio Personal Injury lawyers of Wright & Schulte LLC have filed an Ohio auto accident negligence lawsuit in the Montgomery County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas Civil Division on behalf of three plaintiffs and their parents from Dayton, Ohio who were struck when a Clayton, Ohio woman allegedly drove her vehicle through the wall of Kentucky Fried Chicken while attempting to make a turn on Ohio State Route 49.

Ohio-Personal-Injury-attorney-Wright-SchulteAccording to the Ohio personal injury lawsuit (Case No. 2013 CV 04677), the defendant was allegedly driving northbound on Ohio State Route 49, when she attempted to turn onto Salem Avenue. The driver failed to negotiate the turn and negligently drove the wall of the Kentucky Fried Chicken building, striking the plaintiffs and causing them serious injury while they were seated in the restaurant. Because of the alleged negligence of the driver, the plaintiffs suffered serious bodily injury including injury to the head, neck, back, and right arm of plaintiff 1; the head, back, and right ankle of plaintiff 2; the head, back, neck, and pelvic region of plaintiff 3, and to the head, neck, back, and face, of plaintiff 4. As a result of the alleged injuries, the plaintiffs have individually incurred thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and expect to incur further loss in the future. As a result of the negligent conduct of the defendant, the plaintiffs contend they have experienced great physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of the ability perform usual functions, and will endure future pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life.

Ohio Personal Injury Lawsuit

According to the Ohio personal injury lawsuit, the owners of the Kentucky Fried Chicken had already experienced a vehicle driving through the wall of the building, yet failed to take reasonable precautions to protect its customers from injury so that additional vehicles would not drive off the intersection and strike the wall of the building.
The negligence lawsuit seeks an excess of $25,000 from the defendant, an excess of $25,000 from the owner of the vehicle the defendant was driving, and an excess of $25,000 from the owners of the building for damages, court costs, pre- and post- judgment interest, attorney’s fees and any other relief the court deems just.

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